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EAN-13 Barcode Generator

EAN-13 Barcode Generator is a free of charge online barcode generator. It can generate EAN-13 barcode image for free.

You just need to input the barcode number, and click “Generate Barcode” button. Then the EAN-13 barcode is generated. It is very simple.

The functions of the EAN-13 barcode generator


Making free EAN-13 barcode image.


Checking the correctness of the “Check Digit”. Or calculate the check digit for you.


Support bitmap image formats (PNG, JPG, GIF) and vector format (SVG).


User can adjust the width, height and font size of the barcode.


Other than EAN-13, this barcode generator also suppout Code 39 (Regular), Code 128 B, EAN-8 and UPC-A barcode.

EAN-13 barcode generator user guide

Making Barcode


Making EAN-13 Barcode

Input the barcode number, click "Generate Barcode" button. It will generate the EAN-13 barcode image.

After the image is generated, right click the image with mouse and choose save as to same the image file.

EAN-13 barcode has 13 numeric digits.

The last digit is check digit.

Your input should be a 13 digits number.

If you don't know the check digit, you can just input the first 12 digits. The generator will calculate the check digit automatically.

Advanced setting

Type of Barcode


The default barcode format is EAN-13。

This barcode generator also support Code 39 (Regular), Code 128 B, EAN-8 及 UPC-A barcode.

Format of Image


Avaliable image formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG and SVG

Bitmap: PNG, GIF, JPEG

Vector: SVG

Height of Barcode


You can adjust the height of barcode.

Width of Barcode


You can adjust the width of barcode.

There are 3 widths

Font Size


You can adjust the Font Size of the text that right below the barcode.

There are 5 sizes. Or no text is shown.

EAN-13 Barcode:

EAN-13 is originated from Europe. Its full name is European Article Number.

After years of development, it is the most popular barcode in retail now.


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